By: Ali Owens “Is this a brewery, or is this a greenhouse?” I mused upon my first visit to High Hops Brewery in Windsor.  Turns out, it’s both: the brewery is located under the same roof as The Windsor Gardener, which works in its favor by creating an eclectic and entirely unique atmosphere.  Walking in, I was hit in the face with a welcome blast of humidity – a nice […]



By: Dawn Duncan Photo by  Kirsten Cohen Photography It was three years ago that Chris and Emily Winters tied the knot and embarked on their journey as a married couple, as well as beginning what is now known as the band Last Call Romance. Prior to their meeting, Chris was a “one man band,” heavily influenced and reflective of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Chris Isaak, and myriad artists harkening from the […]

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The Discovery of the Pterosaur Tropeognathus

Sponsored Content There is a place called the Araripe Basin in a remote, sparsely populated region of northeastern Brazil. Arid but beautiful, it can be a difficult place for farmers to grow crops. But the earth provides another bounty: fossils. And among the bevy of bones are some rare finds—including 23 species of extinct flying reptiles called pterosaurs. More than three decades ago, a local there found some large pterosaur bones. He delivered them to the […]

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Eric Johnson Goes Acoustic and Gets Real

By: Rachael E. Worthington Widely viewed as one of the most prolific guitarists of his generation, and named “one of the most respected guitarists on the planet” by Guitar Player Magazine, Eric Johnson will visit the Fort Collins Lincoln Center for a rare acoustic performance on February 7. Renowned for his electric guitar prowess and technicality, Johnson is likely best known for his Grammy-winning rock instrumental “Cliffs of Dover.” The electric […]


It has been 24 years since Slim Cessna formed Slim Cessna’s Auto Club with a group of talented peers after parting ways with The Denver Gentlemen, that grand progenitor of the peculiar strain of Gothic Americana unique to the Mile High City whose other members would found 16 Horsepower. The band’s newest release,  The Commandments According to SCAC, will be the first full length album of original material released on […]

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Fiercely Funny

By: Rachael E. Worthington Margaret Cho is timid’ – said no one ever. The bold comedian is an active advocate for homeless, LGBTQ, anti-bullying and anti-racism campaigns, and she brings her outspoken brand of comedy to the Fort Collins Lincoln Center February 24. “I’ll be talking a lot about our new president,” Cho says of her upcoming show, “I think this is the best time for comedy, when there’s an […]

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Tyto Alba – In Our Own Time

By: Jeremy Fleischer  4 out of 5 STARS On its latest EP, In Our Own Time, which will be released in March, Denver indie rockers Tyto Alba present a musical paradox. It’s loud and quiet, narrow and expansive, dense and sparse, personal and universal. Lots of bands negotiate these opposing forces by moving between them, as in songs that are quiet right before an explosion of sound. What makes In Our […]

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WILDERMISS: Fresh Indie Rock Magic

By: Dawn Duncan Photo by Anna Hudson Photography In 2015, the band Red Fox Run was hitting every high note in terms of gaining momentum and attention. The four piece act out of Denver was part of SpokesBUZZ and they hit hard out of the gate, supporting national acts, going on west coast tours, and playing festivals. Everything was lining up and their debut album, the self-titled, 11 song CD […]

ALBUM REVIEWS: Television Generation – Fuchsia

By: Jeremy Fleischer 2.5 out of 5 STARS If you were handed the latest Television Generation EP, Fucshsia, with the release date scratched out, you would reasonably guess this album was produced in 1992, not 2016. The cover photo uses a heavy fuchsia filter that immediately recalls countless concert posters from Seattle in the early ’90s. Then, after listening, you’d be certain Television Generation is a lost contemporary of Nirvana and […]



MYSTIQUE LINGERIE: Fort Collins just got a whole lot sexier and is ready for a hot Valentine’s Day! Since their grand opening at the end of October, Mystique Lingerie has quickly launched onto the retail scene of Fort Collins by offering unique, fun, sexy, and beautiful choices in lingerie. The store also has a great section dedicated just to pajamas as an alternative to negligees and teddies. Additionally, many of […]