Random Rab’s Visit to the Aggie Sure is to Bring Magic!

By: Kaia Femenías On April 1, The Aggie will be transported into renowned electronic composer Random Rab’s glorious mind.  Favored for his intricate and compelling soundscapes, musician “Random Rab,” previously known as Rab Clinton, flourishes in a style of music unclassifiable. Wandering between down tempos and bass-rocking pieces, Rab brings his audience into an enticing, mystical world filled with an unfolding story of the complex and nostalgic memories. The artist […]

Beats Antique—A Show to Not Miss

By: Kaia Femenίas Ready to rock yourself into the 1800s?  Ready to dance your way into a night filled with electronic wonder entwined with instrumental mystery of days long ago?  April 21 will bring Beats Antique to the stage of the Aggie Theater. The talented trio displays their art with percussion, performance, and beats to form an unforgettable experience. With their new album, “Shadow Box,” out now, this musical trio will grace […]

Jared Grabb and Elli Perry- Folk Straight to the Soul

By: Kaia Femenías On Tuesday night, with eyes closing more frequently than usual, heavy from schoolwork and anticipation of sleep, I plopped onto a barstool and waited for the music to begin. “It’s twenty after nine,” I thought, sitting irritably in a “get it done” attitude. Fortunately, before this worsened, Elli Perry took to the stage. Sultry and confident, her deep and rolling voice filled the room, extinguishing my previous […]

Buzz Cason: You Can’t Stop Passion

By: Jennifer Ortega   Over the last eighteen months, Rockabilly Hall of Famer, Buzz Cason, has created an eleven-track whirlwind of deep ardor and versatility that guarantees his audience to find a song for all moods. Passion is more reflective of Cason’s recent emotions, ideas, and concepts that were once logged in his personal notebook. Though Cason juggles a series of related work in the industry from producing for Clifford […]


5 Reasons To Move To Fort Collins

Did you know that it was once illegal to sell liquor on both Sundays and election days in Fort Collins? Fortunately, that law has been repealed for more than a decade now, seeing that the city has around 25 excellent breweries.  However, it is still illegal to ride a horse after drinking… which does make sense. Voted as one of the 10 Best Places To Retire in the U.S., Fort […]


Swing Station’s A Good Place to Hide for the Gasoline Lollipops

By: Rebecca LaPole Just before the Gasoline Lollipops played Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland and sold out the Blue Ball for the first time in its history, lead singer Clay Rose shared his memories of Fort Collins, which he called, “the best music city in Colorado by far.”  “There are so many venues up here,” Rose said, “so many different sizes for every different level, professionally, as long as what […]

Traversing from FoCo to Summer Camp: Journey with Karlyle ‘Krushendo’ Walker

By: Rebecca LaPole At the Summer Camp: On the Road contest, local (by way of Cali) DJ Krushendo (Karlyle Walker) propelled himself from the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins to the start of his hottest summer yet. A dynamic, bass-heavy, melodic, and visually stunning set landed Krushendo a spot on the lineup at Summer Camp Music Festival, taking place in Illinois next month. The up-and-coming DJ contributed his time to […]

FoCoMX 9 Music Festival Lineup Released!

FoCoMX is coming, and it is coming fast. Taking place April 28, and April 29, over 250 Colorado bands and solo musicians will take over 28 Downtown Fort Collins venues. The FoCoMX 2017 lineup is out, and we are here to share it with you. Some of the featured artist we can look forward to jamming out to are The Patti Fiasco, Slow Caves, John Magnie, The Grant Farm, Cary Morin, […]

Jared Grabb Comes to Surfside 7

By: Kaia Femenías As winter finally turns its corner, go to Surfside 7 on Tuesday, March 21 for an evening of low-key, heartfelt anthems delicately articulating the pain and pleasure of working class America. Jared Grabb, from Peoria, Illinois, balances between indie, folk, and Americana with some bluegrass twang. Grabb’s stop in Fort Collins will be the 18th on his nationwide tour— “Masters,” named after his fourth solo album. Incorporating […]


Whether you’re looking for a night to take you back to those fondly remembered days in your youth, or simply looking for a change of pace, Mile High Soul Club has created a new spinoff of their award winning dance parties- right here in Fort Collins! Attendees to the new Funk Club can expect to be immersed in “The Golden Age of Funk,” featuring notable hits and forgotten favorites and […]