Ayla Nereo Returns to Enchant Denver

By: Kaia Femenías

Photo by: Erik Roush Photography


Several months ago, I rounded a corner and walked along Pearl Street just as I would have done any other day.  Fortunately, a stunning poster marked with the entrancing word “Wildlight” caught my eye and promptly saw me through into a period of my life riddled with inexplicably crafted melodies, and some of the most soul touching lyrics I have heard to date.

While my personal connection to the music of Ayla Nereo (singer of the band Wildlight accompanied by her DJ partner-in-crime, The Polish Ambassador) cannot adequately speak for her followers, I have seen my same mystified gaze upon the faces of many others at her concerts. This could be due to the simple beauty of the sound of the music, but also from the relevant and touching lyrics, many of them pertaining to relevant topics such as unity with the environment, human flourishing, and captivating emotional experiences.

If Nereo’s extraordinary talent weren’t enough on its own, the singer is also profoundly involved in activism, organizing “Action Days” with her companion David Sugalski (The Polish Ambassador). These primarily involve permaculture, with occasional variances such as Sugalski’s most recent Action Day in Denver which worked to  motivate fans to help distribute homemade burritos to the homeless population.  The duo’s purposeful actions are ingrained within the lyrics of Wildlight, handcrafted by the lovely Nereo.

On Saturday, April 15th, Nereo will be casting the voluminous wavelengths of her voice onto the fortunate audience of Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox. She will be inspiring ears and beckoning smiles provoked by the simple joys of life which are laced between the notes of her music and stanzas of her songs. To experience Nereo’s enchanting essence, tickets can be purchased at http://www.opheliasdenver.com/.

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