Jared Grabb Comes to Surfside 7

By: Kaia Femenías

As winter finally turns its corner, go to Surfside 7 on Tuesday, March 21 for an evening of low-key, heartfelt anthems delicately articulating the pain and pleasure of working class America.

Jared Grabb, from Peoria, Illinois, balances between indie, folk, and Americana with some bluegrass twang. Grabb’s stop in Fort Collins will be the 18th on his nationwide tour— “Masters,” named after his fourth solo album. Incorporating vocals, mandolin, bass, banjo, piano, and percussion, Grabb’s musical repertoire provides a strong variety of ways to carry his deep and earthy voice.

For an evening of “right-to-the-core” music, head to Surfside 7 and let Grabb carry you away in the plucks of his fingers and timbre of his voice.

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