Traversing from FoCo to Summer Camp: Journey with Karlyle ‘Krushendo’ Walker

By: Rebecca LaPole

At the Summer Camp: On the Road contest, local (by way of Cali) DJ Krushendo (Karlyle Walker) propelled himself from the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins to the start of his hottest summer yet. A dynamic, bass-heavy, melodic, and visually stunning set landed Krushendo a spot on the lineup at Summer Camp Music Festival, taking place in Illinois next month. The up-and-coming DJ contributed his time to the benefit Stand With Standing Rock in November, released an EP in February, does all his own artwork, graphics, social media, marketing, management, and apparel, and runs his own business.

With all of his endeavors constantly being juggled, Krushendo explains, “I’m not sure there is much of a balance… I also work for myself as a freelance web developer and oftentimes I’m doing three or four completely different tasks in the same hour. I am a master multi-tasker and have found that pairing similar tasks together can greatly increase my productivity.”

If you haven’t heard his future bass, he says that fans of Adventure Club would like his music. “My friends and I jokingly call my style of music ‘white girl bass’ because of the amount of vocals used mashed up with more aggressive dubstep and trap music. Adventure Club is king of white girl bass and has been a big inspiration for my style.”

Krushendo is thrilled about his upward trajectory; “My first performance was at Hodi’s Half Note on September 27, 2016. Going from playing a free show to getting almost 100 fans in the door for a paid show is a big step. The crowd that came out for me was very energetic and the applause I got after my last song was something very special to me.” All that applause will pay off in May at his first festival performance at Spread the Word Festival in Denver, followed by Boredomfest in Bangor, MI, and May 28 at Summer Camp in Chillicothe, IL. He has already applied to play at Sonic Bloom and Arise as well.

As he gets ready for these festivals, he said, “I am reeling back my production to move my performances into a live PA instead of a DJ set, as I have been playing guitar for 10 years and piano for four. I also am creating custom visuals for my performances and a stage production during this time.”

The Alchemist EP is gorgeous and was released, “as a gift for everyone who came out to support me,” Krushendo said. “It was really one of the most fulfilling moments of my life and to know that not only did I get to play The Aggie for the first time solo but also I get to play Summer Camp as well? Unreal.”

He explained how he creates his mind-boggling sacred geometry and Alex Grey-esque artwork, “I use Photoshop for most of my work, but I do spend hours with a protractor getting the line work together. I then scan that work and start painting. I typically do this type of concept sketching for most of my digital pieces and I think it gives me an edge in the overall composition.”

He has a headlining gig on March 28 at Hodi’s before hitting the festival circuit. Catch him when you can and let your worries melt away with other-worldly sounds and visuals blended together in perfect synergy.




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