Buzz Cason: You Can’t Stop Passion

By: Jennifer Ortega


Over the last eighteen months, Rockabilly Hall of Famer, Buzz Cason, has created an eleven-track whirlwind of deep ardor and versatility that guarantees his audience to find a song for all moods. Passion is more reflective of Cason’s recent emotions, ideas, and concepts that were once logged in his personal notebook.

Though Cason juggles a series of related work in the industry from producing for Clifford Curry to co-writing his most popular song to date “Everlasting Love” with Mac Gayden, he ultimately determines his love for music the primary reason he continues to pursue it.

“It is considerable pressure ‘cause you’re trying to finish a record and get it right – and you got different people with different ideas, y’know, thrown in there. It’s really just the love of music that keeps you going,” Cason says regarding the challenges in the music industry. 

Majority of Passion was recorded and produced in Cason’s studio Creative Workshop, located just south of Nashville in a town called Berry Hill. Cason and his production team would record in the studio whenever the schedule permitted it rather than sitting down for one long succession of sessions. With all the recent technology upgrades, Cason says “I feel like it’s one of the better works that we have done.”

With the support and assistance from Cason’s son, Parker, Passion was able to create a series of different styles that he would not have necessarily attempted before. Parker continuously strived for his father to improve vocally and lyrically.

“He brings a fresher approach to everything we do, brings new energy in, and new ideas and concepts,” Cason says.

Excluding the songs Cason wrote with Parker and Billy Swan (Just as Gone), Cason reflects on experiences from the past that still influence him today. “We Soldiered On” is the last song on the album and is about a band sticking together through thick and thin. This is slightly biographical towards Cason because it reflects on The Casuals, a band he was once in.

Regardless of how deeply entrenched Cason may be to Nashville and rock ‘n roll, he still inspires to work with artists like Ray Wylie Hubbard who does not really write with anyone anymore.

“You realize that these people have their own world and circle of friends that they write with,” Cason continues, “It’s hard to break into their world.”

Just when Cason thinks it is time to retire, he is reminded that there is no need to retire when it comes to songwriting. It is not a 9-to-5 job, there is no traffic to fight in the morning, and songwriting does not have to be done every day. Creativity maintains a significant role in Cason’s life and he hopes to express that for as long as he physically can.

“As long as your health is in pretty good shape, you can keep on writing for as long as you can write. It’s hard to keep performing and to go on the road but you can still be creative in your own way,” Cason concludes.

Buzz Cason will be performing at 8pm March 23 at Avogadro’s Number in Fort Collins. For more information, check

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