Jared Grabb and Elli Perry- Folk Straight to the Soul

By: Kaia Femenías

On Tuesday night, with eyes closing more frequently than usual, heavy from schoolwork and anticipation of sleep, I plopped onto a barstool and waited for the music to begin. “It’s twenty after nine,” I thought, sitting irritably in a “get it done” attitude. Fortunately, before this worsened, Elli Perry took to the stage. Sultry and confident, her deep and rolling voice filled the room, extinguishing my previous thoughts of negativity. Stomping her foot slowly and purposefully throughout her first song, it became evident that this is a woman who stands for her beliefs. Making light-hearted jokes about her residence in an RV and inability to remain in one place, I gathered that Perry is on the road following her dreams, singing and wandering in a way conducive to her inherent purpose, a message reflected through the wanderlust spirit of her music. Combining covers of Bruce Springsteen and her originals, Perry is a display of passion. In a timbre dancing between folk and a zesty, deep rock, Perry will soon be releasing a new album titled “Little Thieves,” which can be found on Spotify.  Melting into the strums of her guitar in rooted passion, Perry has become someone I will certainly have on my radar.

Soon after her captivating display, Jared Grabb proceeded to draw the crowd into his artfully crafted lyrics. He painted a mural with language detailing the sorrows and heartbreak of working class America.  Coupled with skilled mastery of both the banjo and guitar, his melancholy anthems of normality scrape the surface of brittle nostalgia, taking his listeners to a painful yet empowering mood of life in everyday America.  Along with his poetic soundscape, Grabb manages to incorporate messages of the struggles embedded in modern society. Through his emotional account of working-class lifestyles, he conceptualizes the shift between rustic life and modern day America while delivering the painful difference via his music. Currently on tour for his newest solo album, “Masters,” Grabb will continue to travel through the country, pouring his heart out over the messages he delivers.

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