Random Rab’s Visit to the Aggie Sure is to Bring Magic!

By: Kaia Femenías

On April 1, The Aggie will be transported into renowned electronic composer Random Rab’s glorious mind.  Favored for his intricate and compelling soundscapes, musician “Random Rab,” previously known as Rab Clinton, flourishes in a style of music unclassifiable. Wandering between down tempos and bass-rocking pieces, Rab brings his audience into an enticing, mystical world filled with an unfolding story of the complex and nostalgic memories. The artist combines his work with surreal visuals by visionary artist Android Jones. Together they carry his shows to places far beyond the common level of thought.

For a break from reality and your own personal key into a land of musical euphoria, be sure to head to http://www.aggietheatre.com to get your tickets!

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