Local Culture, Arts & Community


Back in October of 2016, Artspace, the nation’s leader in artist-led community transformations, visited Fort Collins hoping to gauge the interest and need to create more affordable housing and workspaces for local artist, and creatives. While the results of the meetings and focus groups conducted were positive, Artspace recommended a more in depth analysis. Well months later, the in depth analysis is in the form of online surveys. All individuals, organizations […]

Dome of Dreams at the Fiske Planetarium

By: Kaia Femenías Concerts are great. That is something most can concur to. But concerts in planetariums—EVEN BETTER. On Saturday, May 13th, Fiske Planetarium in Boulder will be presenting their debut event, “Dome of Dreams” under a psychedelic, 360-degree screen. “Dome of Dreams” will be taking its participants on “a dream-like experience through nature, outdoor space, and consciousness.” The entrancing visual art will be presented by local artist, Sam Stevens […]


Nearing the end of the American leg of their arena-sized Revolution Radio tour, Green Day is set to perform April 5 at the 1STBANK Center in Broomfield. After just releasing their twelfth studio album in October 2016, Revolution Radio debuted no. 1 on Billboard’s Top 200. The show opens with punk-rock band Against Me! at 7:30pm before Green Day takes the stage for an unforgettable two-and-a-half hour performance. A mixture […]

Random Rab Immersed Aggie Attendees

By: Kaia Femenías The year is 2017. People are milling about with their nose pointed at their toes, eyes glowing with a stare interrupted by a fluorescent screen. They get into their vehicles and drive home, bury themselves in social media and enter a void of chemicals and disconnection. Yet the year is 2017, and opportunity is abundant.  The year is home to the flourishing artist Random Rab. Random Rab […]

Social Distortion at Boulder Theater

By: Ian Ehrhart Chuck Berry is blasting over the PA, a subtle homage to the late king of rock n’ roll, as I receive my X’s and hand over my ticket. I make my way through a maze of all different types of people on my trek to the front of the stage with a skip in my step and a twinkle in my eye, for I am a spry young […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Taarka – Fading Mystery

By: Jeremy Fleischer 2.5 stars out of 5 At the core of the Americana string band Taarka is Enion and David Pelta-Tiller, a talented wife-husband team from Lyons. And listening to their band’s most recent release you can get a sense for what their home must be like. The kitchen is the focal point, with drying herbs hung by coarse twine and endless loaves of seedy bread emerging from a […]

A Delicious Buzz: New Edible Favorites

By: Jack Tallgrass After a few months of writing this column, I finally decided to visit our sponsor’s store, Organic Alternatives, and dive into a review of cannabis edibles. In a span of five days I tried over 15 products, and slept for over 15 hours each day. Mission success! Edibles are for some people and are very much not for others. Questions about dosage in the past, and how much […]



By: Doug Usher When you hear the word “craft” in Fort Collins, your first thought is probably “beer.” But there’s another craft scene on the rise in town, one with a higher proof and a longer shelf life. The craft distilling scene has been steadily growing over the last couple of years in Northern Colorado. While still small compared to most local craft breweries, these libation creators are nonetheless producing […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community


By: Dawn Duncan I have lived here for 22 years and never noticed the obscure little alley behind 7-11 at Mulberry and Shields. This area, now becoming known as “Butterfly Alley,” is gradually being fixed up and is a testament to the artisan culture of Fort Collins and the commitment to taking pride in the community. Nestled down the alley to the south is a new business that is springing […]