ALBUM OF THE MONTH: CITRA – Singles Air and My My Mind

By: Jeremy Fleischer

4 out of 5 stars

WARNING: If you suffer from a heart condition, please check with your doctor before pressing “play” on the new CITRA single “Air” and its b-side “My My Mind.” Yes, it gets fast and it’s so infectious your heart may try to keep up.

On the power trio’s previous release, the EP Ocean, CITRA established itself as an incredibly talented band able to create ’90s hard rock that would make Dave Grohl proud. Definitely some great music but easily overlooked. “Air,” however, could take these guys to the next level. This track has the mathematical precision groove of a great The Strokes and the up-stroke guitar bounce of Franz Ferdinand. Like both of those bands, CITRA manages to craft hard rock with all its exciting pomp and power, yet still maintain a certain accessible pop quality.

This sound would be a breakthrough if this brand of dance-punk hadn’t already been popular 15 years ago. This is not a jab; it’s a sound worth keeping. Plus, the b-side “My My Mind” has all the best qualities of “Air” yet has a frenetic, high voltage infectiousness that is so timeless any comparisons would be silly. The two tracks combined show a band owning what they do, pushing their talents to the limit, and having a great time doing it. If they keep this up, they may soon open for Dave Grohl.