A Delicious Buzz: New Edible Favorites

By: Jack Tallgrass

After a few months of writing this column, I finally decided to visit our sponsor’s store, Organic Alternatives, and dive into a review of cannabis edibles. In a span of five days I tried over 15 products, and slept for over 15 hours each day. Mission success! Edibles are for some people and are very much not for others. Questions about dosage in the past, and how much or how little to eat, were hard to decipher. Quality, based on extraction methods and ingredients, have in the past been shady at best (like much of our food system), and out of all of the cannabis industry elements and facets…I have been most disappointed by edibles. Until now.

I talked for more than an hour with several members of the quite helpful staff, and I selected several products based on ingredients alone. The safer the ingredients, the more I want to eat the food and the better I feel the next day. The simpler the methods of extraction and less amount of pesticides used, the better. That being said, most people choosing cannabis food at this point are buying it for the buzz and for the fun, not for the ingredients. I do think however, that the poor quality of cannabis food and industry over the past few years has led to a new array of products that satisfy both needs, good ingredients that get you lifted for shizzel! Check out my new favorites, all available at Organic Alternatives: (prices are after tax).

Lucky Turtle Craft Extracts Turtle Butter Packs: 10mg THC, cheap, extra virgin olive oil based, C02/Ethanol Extraction, Good buzz, messy packets, great taste, cheaper one shot package. YUMMY! $7/single serving.

CODA Signature Chocolate Bar (Salt and Nibs): 100mg THC, C02 Extraction, Large quality bar, cane sugar/honey, high end ingredients and packaging, a bit big for 100mg, but the taste is very non cannabis tasting, so a great bar for beginners. $23.50

Dixie’s Orange Zest Awakening Mints: 80mg/pack, 5mg/mint, C02/Ethanol Extraction, the mints are so-so tasting, but, eat a few of them and you have a quick and small delivery method for an easy lift. Bonus, they don’t melt like chocolate bars, very small to travel with. $21.13

Julie’s Nutty Bites: 6/60mg bites canna butter extracted, which is my fav extract method, these are easy to eat, pack a nice punch, and taste like cannabis butter, which I really like, rather the extraction taste of many gummies. The cannabis goes great with the almonds! Only downside, there is an edible decal that contains soy and dyes. $19.96

These were the four favorites, and Organic Alternatives was nice enough to offer as many samples as I needed…..so….many….samples…..so a BIG thanks to them. It was a wonderful and fuzzy five days of SUPER EDIBLE BUZZ-MAN (new superhero). Fun matters, so does taste, and extraction…but how YOU react to edibles, and which is best, is as personal as your fingerprints, and unique to everyone. 10mg is plenty for most people. I function at a 30-40mg dose each time. God bless America, and Jah bless all of you. Edible responsibly, and support companies that do food RIGHT!

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