EMMA MARIE Talks Music, Mentorship, and Collaboration

By: Ainhoa Palacios

Northern Colorado has talent bursting at the seams. That is not news to those of us who reside here. Scene recently caught up with one these NoCo gems— Emma Marie, and her mentor, Vincent Burkardt, to get the scoop on her recent rise to United Kingdom stardom.

Before we dive into the star herself, Emma Marie, we wanted to catch up with Vincent Burkardt, the founder and creative director of The Rising Artist Mentorship Program (RAMP). He established RAMP two years ago, though he tells us the essence of the program travels all the way back to 2009. RAMP is an effort to provide both mentoring and performance opportunities for young musicians, as well as build life skills they can carry with them well into adulthood.

“Basically it is giving performance opportunities, including some international ones,” Burkardt told Scene. “I work with the families to learn the logistics of these opportunities. If I set up a gig at Avo’s, there is communication that has to happen.”

Burkardt’s fervor to help youthful artists in our community thrive has been established through countless efforts. He has produced a CD composed of all original music by local youth. He hosts a junior broadcast class aimed at teaching our youth interviewing skills. And his most recent effort will be seen at Loveland Startup Week. There, he will organize a panel of musicians to answer questions about the business.

Aside from being a top of the line mentor to youth, Burkardt also works hard to help young artists connect internationally. Most recently, he connected Emma Marie and Lucy Gowen, a UK musician.

This brings our story to Emma Marie, a small, but powerful 12-year-old, with the voice of an experienced and seasoned singer and who is one of Burkardt’s RAMP youth musicians. Emma Marie and Burkardt met about three years ago—a story Burkardt loves to tell.

“This is one of my favorite stories,” Burkardt says. “Mary Sue Thompson, a very talented artist, had been on my show a number of times. She brought in Emma Marie. They were warming up, and I was in the other room setting up the mics when I heard this singing and I thought it was Mary Sue, who is a really good singer and quite a bit older. I stepped out, and my jaw just dropped.”

“He went, ‘OH MY GOSH!, I thought that was Mary Sue,’” Emma Marie chimed in.

Since this first meeting, Emma Marie’s career has been on the rise. She took part in Burkardt’s international efforts when she collaborated with Lucy Gowen, a 12-year-old guitarist based out of London. The girls worked together to record a song and create a music video, all while thousands of miles apart. Impressed yet?

The music video—“Sweet Child of Mine” is so phenomenally staged and performed, our jaw dropped when we found out the girls weren’t even in the same country when recording it. We were even more impressed to find this project led them to score a spot on Little Big Shots, a British children’s television and talent show.

“We got a call,” Emma Marie told Scene. “Would you and Lucy like to be on Little Big Shots? We freaked.”

The episode for Little Big Shots airs in late March, though it is currently unable to be viewed in the states. Fingers crossed, we will one day get a peek at the clip, but in the meantime there is always Emma Marie’s YouTube channel.

While the interview wrapped up, Emma Marie performed a quick song. She picked up her guitar, and proceeded to strum. What came out of her mouth was an unexpected powerful voice that also took the two men in the music store by surprise, and they just had to come out to watch her in awe. The room listened to Emma Marie’s original lyrics “You are beautiful inside and out,” which reminded everyone who was listening that age and size don’t matter when it comes to inspiring those around you.

And with that Emma, “YOU are beautiful inside and out.” We here at Scene Magazine wish you the best, and look forward to keeping up with all your future accomplishments.

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Facebook: Emma Marie Music


 Live: FoCoMX April 29, 7pm, La Luz

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