By: Dawn Duncan

It is already year number nine for FoCoMX, the beloved music festival launched by Fort Collins Musicians Association (“FoCoMA”) back in 2008. Led by musician and Bohemian Foundation employee Greta Cornett and a team of tireless volunteers, FoCoMX is poised for its biggest year yet. This year, the festival received more than 1,200 band submissions for its coveted 280 slots available. Including the Rickshaw Live (traveling rickshaw in Old Town featuring live music), the festival will have 29 venues participating in 2017 during the two days of music, April 28 and 29.

Most anything that can become a music venue in Old Town does just that during the festival, with live music pouring out of businesses that include small bars, coffeehouses, stores, and our bigger event spaces such as Artery, Aggie, Avo’s, and Hodi’s. This is a festivalgoer’s paradise where one can pop in and out of venues with just a flash of the purchased wristband that includes admittance at all of the music venues listed in the schedule.

Perhaps the biggest challenge one faces is just how to see everything in just two days. Well, it’s impossible, so do yourself a favor and check the festival schedule at and use the slick app featured to put your customized agenda together. Then, make sure you’re wearing shoes you can move quickly in as you’ll be hustling to get from one place to the next in order to catch the tightly-scheduled 45 minute stage times for the bands. Everything from punk to country to hip hop to metal will flood your ears and you best bring ear protection as IT GETS LOUD!

This year’s FoCoMX issue features Velvet Johnson, the sexy and now infamous lead singer of The Velvet Rope, Fort Collins’ ‘80s cover band super group. Velvet is joined by models Emma and Elise for an ‘80s-tinged after party at Fusion, Old Town’s newest and biggest night club. The Velvet Rope will play Friday, April 28, 9:30 to 10:15 pm at the Aggie and will have you wearing your sunglasses at night, doing the Safety Dance, partying all the time, and rocking the Casbah as you either relive the magic (?) of the 1980s or just pretend you were actually alive back then (and not just listening to your parents’ or grandparent’s weird record collection). Get your leg warmers, jelly shoes, Miami Vice wear, and get that hair feathered and triple sprayed; it’s an ‘80s party you will not want to miss!

Festival kickoff: 3:30 pm with Michael Kirkpatrick at Equinox.


Tickets: $35 as of April 1 at 

pick up at Will Call at FVC Mesh at 242 Linden Street, Fort Collins, or visit Rock ‘N’ Robin’s at 804 S. College Avenue, Fort Collins (Cash only)


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