Random Rab Immersed Aggie Attendees

By: Kaia Femenías

The year is 2017. People are milling about with their nose pointed at their toes, eyes glowing with a stare interrupted by a fluorescent screen. They get into their vehicles and drive home, bury themselves in social media and enter a void of chemicals and disconnection. Yet the year is 2017, and opportunity is abundant.  The year is home to the flourishing artist Random Rab. Random Rab isn’t solely as a producer of electronic music, but also a  DJ, instrumentalist, and vocalist.

Introduced to the stage as “Mr.Feels himself,” Rab emanates this very essence through intertwined vibrations, lifting the heart and extinguishing the mind. His distinctiveness became audible through how intricate his set was.  While many other producers seem to blend one group of sounds into the next, Random Rab seems to blend the sounds through each other, then lets them dance together into playful crescendos which pause in the pinnacle of the moment, expanding in the silence, soon to be followed  by an equally skillful drop toppling into a field of emotions. Looking around, I noticed a crowd void of the incessant use of snapchat typically drawing the attendees from the moment, totally immersed as Rab gently pulled on their heartstrings.

The year is 2017, and it is such a relief to witness meaning and magic being reestablished in sound. Random Rab is currently on tour. He will be returning to Colorado on June 16th for the Sonic Bloom Festival occurring at Hummingbird Ranch Colorado and will finish playing at the  Global Eclipse Festival in Antelope, Oregon.