Dome of Dreams at the Fiske Planetarium

By: Kaia Femenías

Concerts are great. That is something most can concur to. But concerts in planetariums—EVEN BETTER. On Saturday, May 13th, Fiske Planetarium in Boulder will be presenting their debut event, “Dome of Dreams” under a psychedelic, 360-degree screen. “Dome of Dreams” will be taking its participants on “a dream-like experience through nature, outdoor space, and consciousness.”

The entrancing visual art will be presented by local artist, Sam Stevens from Meditative Entertainment, and cater to anyone looking to immerse themselves in an innovative concert experience. Live music will vibrate from beneath the dome, featuring Xerephine, an electronic artist with a Celtic background. Incorporating vocal looping, a harp, as well as the bodhran, Xerephine is anything but basic. The evening will also feature music by electronic composer The Monogahela who is sure to please anyone in search of a taste of world fusion and deep bass. Striving to induce feelings of peace, love, and hope through his sentimental soundscapes, artist Sam Stevens will take to the stage under his DJ alias, Esperas, orchestrating lucid fantasies of sound beneath his own artwork in a profoundly nostalgic way.

The show will begin at 9:30 p.m., with doors opening at 9 p.m. There will be a free art raffle prior to the music.

For more music and artwork by Sam Stevens, Fiske Planetarium will be housing “Yoga in the Dome” on varying Sundays and Mondays. Here, the artwork of Stevens will bring you to a state of relaxing surrender as your poses change between notes.

Ticketing and more information regarding Dome of Dreams can be found here. For more information and scheduling for Yoga in the Dome, click here.

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