ALBUM OF THE MONTH:Choice City 7 – Freshman Year

By: Jeremy Fleischer

3.5 out of 5 stars

Too often, artists take themselves and their art too damn seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they have no perspective on what it is they are doing and how it is being received. This failure of perspective often leads to art that only the artists truly get or enjoy, and does not allow for artistic growth. I mention all this because Fort Collins’ funk-soul band Choice City 7 clearly do not suffer from this artistic ailment. This is a band out to make music that makes them happy, and a band truly dedicated to creating a joyful experience for the audience. They also happen to be an extraordinary collection of talent.

This month, Choice City 7 will release its first collection of music since forming in 2013. And hot damn! This is the month for this album. May is when we finally and fully shake off the winter doldrums and make way for summer. And what better way to shake off the winter funk with some musical funk. This nine-track album, called Freshman Year, is a tour of groove-oriented music, from ’60s soul to funk-rock. Even the down-tempo tracks convey a certain pleasantness that won’t ruin a mood, as on “Train Ride,” which is perhaps about that weird happy-melancholy long travel can induce.

Choice City 7 music is not groundbreaking. It won’t inspire deep discussions or usher in a new era of funk. And that’s the point. But then, we’re all a bit shallow in freshman year, so we’ll have to see what Choice City 7 brings by senior year.

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