ALBUM REVIEW: Post/War – Bloom

By: Jeremy Fleischer

2 out of 5 stars

Denver’s Post/War just released its first EP, Bloom, since forming in 2015. There are five tracks and each track shows a band with a strong command of the angular, aggressive-yet-melodic post-rock music it’s crafting, as well as a singer with deep emotional vulnerability that can cover a wide-range of vocal styles. This is a winning combination for so many artists, and it mostly is here. Why “mostly”? Well, because it’s been a winning combination for so many artists. Artists of every discipline begin by imitating what they admire before finding their own style and voice. To me, it sounds like Post/War is somewhere between the phase of imitation and finding authenticity. Listening to Bloom inspires memories of the bands they probably love, even if they are not directly trying to mimic. Countless bands achieve great success with this method, and there’s really nothing wrong with it. But Post/War music has tons of heart and deserves a sound as authentic as the emotions it conveys. In short, this album is good, but the next album will most likely be great, like so many debut albums.

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