ALBUM REVIEW: TMULE – Wordless Lullabies EP

By: Jeremy Fleischer

3 out of 5 stars

Sean Lamborne of the rootsy Fort Collins rock band The Longest Day of the Year is set to release his first collection of solo work in over a decade. The four-song EP, titled Wordless Lullabies, is paired with a collection of poetry called Book of Dawn / I, The Iceberg. While not exactly companion pieces, both works examine emotional abandonment and the fortitude of love, inspired by Lamborne’s childhood living with an alcoholic father. Pretty heavy stuff, for sure. Yet while we can’t speak for the poetry collection, the EP handles the subject matter with a tender touch that avoids overburdening the listener with heavy-handed melodrama. You can feel the weight without it crushing you, as in the repeated refrain that ends “House” where Lamborne wonders, “If I leave will I come back at all?”

Just as the lyrics depend on subtlety and sly metaphors to convey a painful subject, the music is equally as reserved. There are some wonderful performances from Lamborne and his contributors here, but there is no grandstanding. And Lamborne’s denim vocals inspire empathy. Beyond the performances, however, there are some choices made that really surprise, as with the gorgeous horns above Lamborne’s guitar work that trail out “Six” and the whip-like crack of some sort of percussion that punctuates “Edges.” In all, this is a collection of songs with subtle profundity in its emotional depth that rewards time spent.

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