ARISING To The Challenge

By: Rebecca LaPole

Coloradans and adventurers rejoice! Beats Antique are now confirmed at ARISE Music Festival as well as Break Science! In case you missed the initial lineup announcement in the March issue, pioneers in their own genres, Atmosphere and Tipper, also round out some of the outstanding performers coming to Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, August 4-6. Also, breaking news for those of you who still haven’t purchased your tickets yet (what are you waiting for??), Thursday night, August 3, Rising Appalachia will perform exclusively for early campers.

“While it is the music that calls us together, in some ways, I see the ARISE Festival’s leave-no-trace ethos, and the commitment to ‘plant one tree for every ticket sold,’ as well as the festival’s ‘children 12 and under free’ policy, as perhaps the primary expression of ARISE core values,” ARISE Festival co-founder, Paul Bassis said.

ARISE is an eco-conscious festival and Bassis holds the passionate opinion that, “as humans, ‘leave-no-trace’ is the least we can do. In reality, humans not only have a responsibility to those that come after us, but we all also share the burden of those who came before us, and that must be accepted as our responsibility as well. As the top-of-the-food-chain species on this planet, wouldn’t it be nice if humanity were to demonstrate just a little bit more maturity. Well, if a definition of leadership is a willingness to go first, then I say let’s set the bar high. That’s why we named this festival ARISE. But I also mean that in the largest possible context, well beyond this festival. The human race should not just avoid making a bigger mess on this Planet Earth, we need to actually work together to beautify our only home and that of our children’s children and so on.”

ARISE production assistant, Mo Hnatiuk, shared information about several of their greening efforts:

• ARISE works with Trees, Water & People (a local, nationally-recognized non-profit, founded in 1998) to plant one tree for every ticket sold.

• ARISE does not sell water in plastic bottles onsite, nor do we allow vendors to sell them. We encourage attendees to bring reusable water bottles and make use of our water refill stations.

• Sunrise Ranch, our festival site, is a working organic farm.

• The Sponsors, Vendors, and Nonprofits we accept go through an in-depth vetting process to ensure they share our like-minded ideology on sustainability and environmentally-sound practices and missions such as: Guayaki, who not only helps us reduce our carbon footprint, but creates jobs and more sustainable rainforests, Organic India, who makes sustainable teas and supplements, Odell Brewing Company, the official beer sponsor serving beers in locally recycled cans, Ozo Coffee, a Boulder-based company who has teamed up with Peruvian coffee growers to help save their land from mining companies, and Zero Hero, a local Fort Collins based company with a goal of keeping recyclables and compost out of the landfill.

• We work with organizations like Bus To Show and RideShare to encourage attendees to carpool.

• ARISE Music Festival uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper and soy-based inks in printed materials.

• ARISE chooses CO based vendors and food trucks, and gives priority to those who source their products locally.

• ARISE features the Sunrise Ranch Organic Farmer’s Market, the NoCo Hemp Village and a Solutions Village to demonstrate and encourage ecological and social progress.

• ARISE is joyfully committed to doing “The Chain of Love” each year after the festival.

Bassis explained this last point further, “We come together as a group, and physically spread out in a “chain” across the site. There we walk across the grounds together to pick up every last piece of trash left behind.”

“It is ironic that the sustainability movement is called that because nature’s goal is never simply to sustain,” Bassis said, “nature’s goal is always to thrive! ARISE promotes the idea of a new ‘thrive-ability’ movement. That and the desire to gather together in celebration and have one helluva good time. Clearly these are also shared values of many good people here in Colorado.”

ARISE has more surprises in store for our Scene readers next month. Check out the June issue for more information about specific presenters and workshops at the Solutions Village, and more amazing musicians will be announced.


Haven’t heard of Tipper or Ani DiFranco, but love Atmosphere? If you want more out of your festival experience, additional info about these artists is provided on the ARISE website:

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