By: Jack Tallgrass

Sponsored by: Organic Alternatives

The power of the sun is ULTIMATE power. When our sun dies…implodes, and destroys our universe…we die…..so better use that giant cosmic lamp to grow the BEST cannabis EVER! NOW! Growing cannabis outdoors can pose a great deal of challenges, but cannabis grown with the power of the REAL sun, can be SUPERIOR! Consider the following when cultivating outdoors this Spring/Summer/Fall:

Location! Location! Location! The weed is legal, but you still have to be smart! Pick a safe place, where you can tend to your plants needs often, without paranoia. Biodynamic farming includes more spiritual aspects to plant/human relationships, not just adding chemicals to grow big ass buds. Spend time with your plants, and make that time meaningful, not stressful. Many studies have shown that using these biodynamic aspects DO indeed increase yields and quality! Grow it as it was meant to be grown, outside in the sun and elements. Access to water in Colorado may be the number one consideration when growing outside, so plan for drought, and you will need LOTS of water. Also, water smart! Over 60% of your water can be saved by drip irrigation and watering at night.

Let nature do its job. It is better than we are at cannabis cultivation. There are tremendous advantages to growing outside. You will likely spend much less time adjusting the elements. Air exchange is optimum outside, as well as pest control. Dialing these parameters into perfection indoors can present big problems that can be avoided outside.  Pests exist, but so do amazing predators like spiders and lady bugs. Never spray a yard or area that you are growing in with Roundup or other weed killers; they will kill your GOOD WEED too, and kill insects, bees, and other critters that can improve cannabis!

Prepare for the Elements! The sun is powerful, and most of the time that can be a very good thing. Without water however, plants genetically modified to resist drought die. A plant cannot be dying and growing at the same time, so MAXIMUM water is very important. MOST hoses you can buy at the stores are still made with lead. Ingesting a plant grown with dicey chemicals using water from a lead hose is sketchy at best. Improve your overall quality by buying hoses that are lead-free and by filling containers overnight so that chemicals like chlorine can evaporate, leaving you with much better water for your cannabis plants, and thusly, you.

Cultivate Karma! Following through with a harvest outdoors requires many elements. Above all, however, is great karma. Invite good energy by putting out good energy. Legal or not, don’t share this information with everyone you know. Loose lips…still sink ships…or plants. Don’t put friends in the situation where they can steal or want to; humans are, after all, only human. Share the herb you grow. Herb grown with the sun can elevate you HIGHER than any other if done in ways that honor the plant, and that keep the process full of good karma and integrity. Also, cheers to the season of puffing outside. There’s no better place to grow, or puff, the noble herb!

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