Weldwerks Brewing Co. Bringing In the Sunlight

By: Kaarina Robson

Photos by: John Robson

Driving the back way from Fort Collins to Greeley, passing multiple cow herds, fields, silos and a grain elevator, I swore I was back in my home state of Nebraska. Eventually the scenic highway turned into the downtown drag and I came upon the gloriously inviting beer destination of Weldwerks Brewing Co.

Owner Colin Jones and wife Melissa, who lovingly reps FoCo/Loveland, greeted us with samples of the 15 beers on tap, some they recently cranked out for their second anniversary. The color array immediately manifested as it took over the entire table.

Colin and owner/head brewer Neil Fisher started the brewery out of love and pride for their town of Greeley and the community support is paramount. Housed in a formerly abandoned car dealership, originally a farm implement company started in the ‘50s, they converted the giant space into a modern Mecca of relaxation with lounge chairs, pinball machines, and a cool wall of bourbon barrels. They kept the classic car dealer glass windows, which illuminate the taproom.

Weldwerks strives to have a lot of fun with what they brew, which includes a variety of styles. Some beers are so popular, they don’t stick around for long, but rest assured there will be something equally as delicious waiting upon your arrival.

Here are a few of the highlights that are putting me in the mood for the warm and sunny summer weather:

Fruity Bits Piña Colada – New England IPA

Fruity Bits is an evolving series and a spinoff of the luscious orange juiciness of the infamous Juicy Bits IPA. They’ve been having fun with the fruity varieties, as evidenced by the Peaches & Cream and Pina Colada versions, which have been a big hit. The distinct coconut taste balances well with the pineapple fruitiness, as a result of the ridiculous amounts of fruit they throw in. They fool you into thinking you’re sitting on a tropical beach by adding lactose for creaminess, which mimics a “real” piña colada.

Hefeweizen – Wheat Ale

Being a lover of wheat beer, this Hef is really, really good. Very flavorful and brewed to style, the straight up classic is done only a little bit differently with the use of American yeast. Refreshingly citrusy, Clovey, banana-ey, it finishes very nice and clean. Six months after opening, Hef took home Silver at the Great American Beer Festival.

Puesta Del Sol – Vienna Lager 

Appropriately translated to Sunset in Spanish, it’s a no brainer that this is a deliciously smooth and light easy drinking beer. Colin can attest, as this is his favorite everyday kind of beer. Perfect for summer weather, both in name and drinkability, it has a beautiful deep rich carmely hue and taste, sans the sticky sweetness. They are super proud of this one, especially for winning a Bronze at World Beer Cup last year, where they were literally up against the whole world.

Select Weldwerks beers can be found at The Perfect Pour, as well as 300+ retail and taproom locations from the Front Range to South Denver.

Kaarina Robson is the founder of Cheers United, where she coordinates fun and unique brewery tour experiences for business professional groups. Find her at cheers-united.com or Instagram @cheers.united

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