The Road to Arise: Parts Four & Five (of Six)

By: Rebecca LaPole

PART 4: Expanding Conscious Minds

“People talk,” ARISE Festival co-founder, Paul Bassis said, “and musicians are just people like everyone else, they talk. ARISE has gathered a reputation of being a great festival to play/perform (not just to be at) for all the same reasons that everyone else loves coming here. It’s a beautiful place to be … and it’s a very uplifting experience.”

Lettuce and SunSquabi have joined the ARISE festival as the latest headliners to be announced. They each have their own style of jamming that is sure to get you up and dancing. The Scene Magazine stage will feature Write Minded, The Symbols, Stella Luce and The Rock The Scene Contest winners to be announced later this month.

Beyond the music, there are many reasons to attend the ARISE Festival, August 4-6, 2017, at the vibrant and peaceful Sunrise Ranch in Loveland. One is the beautiful, air-conditioned Big Sunrise Dome, where national thought leaders such as honored guest, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Sunrise Ranch’s own spiritual director, David Karchere, will present, artists will participate in the Playshop Sessions: part performance and part storytelling, and the film, “Awake, A Dream from Standing Rock” by Josh Fox will be shown with a panel discussion to follow in order to encourage progressive conversation.

Production Assistant, Mo Hnatiuk said, “This is a pretty important one for us, because we made an ARISE trip out to Standing Rock this year. We did a donation drive for food, items, and funds and then drove the ARISE box truck filled with supplies, firewood, and 100 lbs. of grassfed beef donated by Sunrise Ranch directly to the Standing Rock Water Protectors’ Campsite.”

The filmmakers of this documentary recently shown at the Tribeca Film Festival will be at ARISE as well as the tribal folks from Standing Rock. Paul said, “In the dome, that’s where minds meet, and heads get together … When you’re around music, it makes you feel. What’s going on in there makes you think.”


An independent, family run, leave-no-trace event, ARISE plants one tree for every ticket sold, and children under 12 get free admission as well as their own Rainbow Lightning Children’s Village. “Kids think it’s better than Christmas,” Paul said. This area of the festival allows everyone’s inner child to come play and the kids parade is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen at a festival.

“The reality is there’s more cool stuff going on here than anybody can experience because a lot of it is beyond programming,” Paul continued. You can even get involved with your own Theme Camp and co-create the ARISE Festival! (You have until June 15 to apply.)

The Healers’ Village is an amazing space where visiting elders and folks from all over the world offer teachings on ceremony and sacred practices, laughter yoga, the joy of movement, and ARISE co-founder Tierro Lee’s favorite; monkey chanting. Tierro reminisced about how he felt before ARISE existed; “If I ever do a festival, I want that at mine … I first saw monkey chanting at Burning Man, and thought that was so cool.”

The Solutions Village and the Wisdom Village gather together new friends to share stories, resources, ceremonial fire, and mutual respect. ARISE has had workshops about permaculture and essential oils, and this year will feature workshops like Herbs and Astrology with Brigitte Mars, and Peace Qigong with Kathleen McGoey.

“No one comes to the ARISE festival to meet someone and shake their hand,” Paul explained, “we’re past that here. My philosophy is that if humanity is going to save ourselves from ourselves, we’re going to have to be a little more human. The best way to express your humanity to another human is to greet one another with a warm embrace; with a hug. It’s not that complicated.”

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