Session Beers for Summer

By: Kaarina Robson

Photos By: John Robson

As summer rapidly approaches, you might just be on the hunt for that perfect, light and refreshing, a.k.a. chug-able, beer for pontoon rides on Horsetooth or tubing down the Poudre. Session beer is the craft beer drinker’s perfect answer for both lazy and active summer days. This style is simply defined as a beer with lower alcohol content (5% or less) than the classic style, suitably made for drinking over an extended period of time. I hunted down some sessionable beers in the area, perfect for long sessions of drinking on the sunny, steamy days ahead.

Odell Brewing Company

>> Loose Leaf – American Session Pale – 4.5% ABV

Many people have heard of Loose Leaf by now, but someone (like me) may not realize it’s a session beer. This is good news, since patio season is in full swing and Odell has a gorgeous one. This beer’s body is clear, and the hop-forward bite is crisp and easily drinkable.

>> Brombeere Blackberry Gose – 4.8% ABV

Anything fruity and light is sessionable in my book. Berries = summer and this beer is no exception. Although tangy, it’s balanced with sweet berries and sea salt in the German wheat style.

Intersect Brewing

Sporting fun and kitschy musical reference beer names, Intersect’s line-up includes a couple of beers considered seriously sessionable.

>> In Thru the Out Door – Raspberry Berliner Weisse – 3.2% ABV

When first tasting this bright pink beer upon their opening last year, it was a bit too tart for me to drink for hours at a time. Since then, the sourness has been scaled back a bit and it reminds me more of drinking your dessert, like a raspberry crisp. A soft sour that smells a like fruit punch, consider it a good intro to sours. This beer will cool you down on Intersect’s gigantic patio this summer or before you dive into the water from your pontoon boat.

>> Keys to the Kingdom – Kolsh – 4.8% ABV

This classic German summer ale reminds me of walking through a field of dewy dandelions. It’s incredibly light in color and clean in taste, something that you could sip on all day while basking in the sun.

Mash Lab Brewing

The newest brewery on the block is Windsor’s Mash Lab, housed in Pinkee’s (Hot) Rod Shop, where one can gaze upon the works of art unfolding on the other side of the glass, while leisurely sipping your beer. I must admit it was challenging not to get sidetracked by the four stouts on tap before heading to the blondes.

>> Cucumber Serrano Blonde – 4.0% ABV

Cucumber flavored anything is among my favorite foods, so I was happily satisfied with the cucumber forwardness of this thirst-quenching blonde. Intrigued by the Serrano addition, I was surprised the flavor was more of a sensation; like Pop Rocks on the tongue. Head Brewer Trent Moriarty was inspired by the creativity in the beer industry, where nothing is off limits. He’d never seen a cucumber and chili beer combined, so why not give it a shot?

>> Session IPA- 4.7% ABV

Trent explained that Session IPAs have gained popularity over the last few years because hop forward beers are so sought-after.  Sometimes people just want the hop flavor of an IPA, but want to turn to something they can drink continuously throughout the day without getting too inebriated!    

Satisfy your cravings for these favorites on tap at Odell, Mash Lab and Intersect. Odell beers can also be found at The Perfect Pour.

Kaarina Robson is the founder of Cheers United, where she coordinates fun and unique brewery tour experiences for business professional groups. Find her at or Instagram @cheers.united

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