MUSIC WITH A CAUSE: Grayson Erhard Releases New Single

By: Ainhoa Palacios 

 Photography: Melissa Statler,@mnstatler

Hailing from Del Norte, Colorado, Grayson Erhard is known for a unique “tap-style” of guitar which he pairs with moving vocals. Over the years, Erhard has released songs like “Manifest” and “Tapestry” in which his lyrics convey powerful messages.

Aside from the meaningful tunes Erhard produces, he recently teamed up with ChangeNote for a big cause.

ChangeNote is an organization that “believes the power of music has the ability to bring love, light and hope to communities, creating change.” The organization pairs musical artist with touching stories of people through fundraising campaigns.

In each campaign, a new single is donated to ChangeNote. In a two week period following, the song is available for $3 through, and every single dollar raised will go to a person, family, or community in need. To make this cause even more emotional, the person, family, or community receiving the donation has no idea this is happening, until the artist delivers the check themselves.

Currently, Erhard’s single, Karma, will benefit the family of a 12-year-old girl with cancer.

Head to to make your donation and download the song now, and you will receive footage of the big reveal.


Very excited to be donating my new single to @ChangeNoteorg! is a non-profit organization that pairs artists with very real, very specific causes – in this case, 100% of proceeds from this song will be going to the family of a 12 year old girl suffering from cancer. For the next two weeks, donate $3 to download this song – about the price of a cup of coffee! At the end of the two week fundraising period, I will be flying out to Virginia to make a surprise visit to the family, which will be shared with everyone who donates. We cannot reveal their identity at this time, because they have no idea that any of this is happening! I am unbelievably grateful and excited to be using my music to benefit others in a very direct way. Please donate $3 or more – you are helping a family in need in a huge way! – – – – – #guitar #acoustic #singersongwriter #donate #donations #charity #generosity #love

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