Dead Floyd & Euforquestra at the Mish, July 28

Dead Floyd is a cover band of two of rock and roll’s most notable acts of all time, The Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd, who will be playing a show at Mishawaka Amphitheatre in Bellvue on July 28. Their setlist is known for its unpredictability given that The Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd maintain an extensive list of songs that makes it challenging to narrow down to a handful of songs from either band on its own.

Based out of Fort Collins, Dead Floyd formed in the summer of 2009 and consists of the talented Charlie Humphreys (guitar, vocals), Josh Miller (bass, vocals), Stu Crair (drums, vocals), and Matt Goldberg (keys, synth). With their interpretation, Dead Floyd gives both bands the opportunity to timelessly live on for many generations by bringing the music to a live setting for all Colorado residents and guests to enjoy for years on end.

Euforquestra will be playing before Dead Floyd, featuring special guests surely not worth missing. For additional information on Dead Floyd and tickets, visit

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