August Brewery News!

By:Kaarina Robson

   Photo by: John Robson/


Three Four Beer Co.

Owner, Will Overbagh, is handing over the reigns to brewer Linsey Cornish, formerly of Horse & Dragon fame. Linsey joins a new endeavor with a fierce reputation and an excitement for the fantastic opportunity to learn and grow. Her focus is to put Three Four on the map as a brewery versus a bar. In addition to in-house recipes, she plans to bring in amazing, yet approachable outside-of-house beers.

Assistant Brewers Collaboration

The second creation by a group of area assistant brewers is an 8.3% ABV Belgian Golden Strong Ale, brewed with coriander and grains of paradise with mandarin puree. Rotating brewing amongst their locations are Wiley of Three Four, Chase of Black Bottle, Kyle of McClellan’s, Eric of Verboten, Titus of Horse & Dragon, and Grant of City Star. Stay tuned for future collaborations and release parties.


Horse & Dragon Brewing Company

Old Tom’s Dark Rye

Brewed at the request of their dear friend and investor, Tom Slover, in honor of his birthday, this dark brown beer incorporates chocolatey roast from the malts with spicy rye notes and an earthy, spicy finish from the hops.


Morgan’s Savvy Peach Ale

The 2017 version of Morgan’s Savvy Peach Ale, named after owner Carol Cochran’s grandfather for his love of Fort Collins, as a sports fan and former CSU president, is set for release the week of the Fort Collins Peach Festival. This light golden and hazy ale has a medium body, rounded, bready malt character with delicious Palisade peach flavors and aroma.

New Belgium Brewing Company

Fat Tire Belgian White 

For the first time in 25 years, NBB is adding a new beer to their Fat Tire family. Of course, well known for their iconic Fat Tire Belgian Style Ale, they’re bringing us a new Belgian beer made with Seville oranges and locally ground Indian coriander for a natural and impeccably sweet flavor.


Soul Squared Brewing Company

Peach Pale Ale

Brewed as their August CSA beer and available for sampling at the Peach Festival, this subtlety sweet, fresh peach flavored beer is light and easy drinking. Playing well with the peach are Centennial hops for bittering, flavor, and aroma lending a light, stone fruit aspect and the American Ale yeast for light, fruity esters.

Old Colorado Brewing Company

White IPA (not yet titled)

This white IPA is a special collaboration with Denver’s Mockery Brewing, especially for those clamoring for another IPA. The experience represents a benchmark for brewer Sam, since Mockery was the first to show him the commercial brewing ropes. This beer offers light and refreshing flavors and a medium body with fruity, less-bitter hop varieties, and including Cascade, Mosaic, featuring Idaho 7.



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1 & 2.  Will Overbagh and Linsey Cornish of Three Four Beer Co.

3. Soul Squared’s Peach Pale Ale via Soul Squared Brewing Company