Healing Touch for Animals and Their People

Need an appointment with peace? See what indulging your senses in energy healing can do for your pet, and ultimately, you. Soak It Up Healing provides relief from pain, stress, behavior issues, anxiety, pre and post surgery, internal organ disfunction, and more. All animals are welcome, from dogs and cats to humans and horses. The goal of Healing Touch is to restore balance and harmonies in the energy system, placing the patient in a position to self heal. Treatment sessions are held where the animal is the most comfortable, typically in their own home, and last either a half hour or full hour. Essential oils, relaxing music, and the grounded presence of the practitioner will support the emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental health of each patient. Packages are available and a free consultation is always the first step to deciding if Soak It Up Healing is the place for you. For more information visit: soakituphealing.com, or email becca@soakituphealing.com.

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