LaserDome at FCMOD

By: Kristin Mastre


You know you’ve hit on something when people are commenting on social media looking for extra tickets to a sold out show. That’s exactly what happened with a recent Otterbox Digital Dome Theater event, LaserDome: Daft Punk show at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. Pair dance music with crazy, 360 degree laser visuals on a dome screen and you have an event that people are pretty stoked about.

The back-to-back shows for Friday/Saturday night sold out on Wednesday. When people saw it was sold out, there were a whole bunch of extra ticket requests popping up. You know how it goes, we all want what we can’t have.

Now, dome shows happen all the time at the museum. Since I also write the blog Fresh Air Fort Collins, I went to a pretty cool film about the outdoors, narrated by Robert Redford to benefit Poudre Wilderness Volunteers. It was awesome with a great sound system that adds to the immersive effect. It was a fantastic way to get lost in roving landscapes in the middle of a museum and remind you of how small we are as people on this planet.

They have stargazing and a variety of science-based events in their lineup, and there are a bunch of shows coming up that are perfect for kids (hello summer vacation plans…).

The LaserDome series is where music and lasers go together like peanut butter and jelly. It reminded me of the Pink Floyd planetarium shows I went to in high school with a little more technological advancement with the screen visuals.

Everyone packed into the dome for the Daft Punk show and the visual sherpa for the evening let everyone know that if anyone felt nauseous “just close your eyes and you’ll realize you’re not really in space.” I don’t think I was very good at stifling my laughter on that. It was priceless and perfect.

The show started and I couldn’t help but get my groove on in my seat. I looked around and everyone is just chillin’ – no head boppin’ or toe tappin’. Somehow we’d all been subconsciously challenged to not seat-dance, with the exception of a couple of girls in the front row and me. That is, until the show went on and people loosened up. By mid-show, people were clapping and cheering after each song. It began to feel more like listening to tracks at your friend’s house than a movie. It was fun and something I’d totally bring our kids to next time. They’d think it was the coolest thing ever.

Check out the LaserDome schedule online at, and come to LaserDome: Pretty Lights on 8/25 and 8/26!

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