Stadium Sessions Brings a New Sound to Game Days

This week marked the start of another school semester for students. With classes underway, football games are following close behind, with a recent addition. CSU has revealed a new series of live performances by beloved Colorado bands happening Friday evenings, as well as prior to kickoff on Saturdays called Stadium Sessions.

CSU, The Music District, and the Bohemian Foundation’s live music booking team have partnered to bring over 30 bands this season to play throughout 3 on campus stages. Among them will be The Patti Fiasco, Slow Caves, Daniella Ate the Sandwich, Flobots, In the Whale, Post Paradise, Edison, The Burroughs, Last Call Romance, and many more.

Stadium Sessions hopes to add to the festive environment of football-filled weekends, as well as provide something for all ages with special appearances by Little Kids Rock.

Stadium Sessions will be open to all, and free of charge.


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