Winter is coming (I had to say it) and will be bringing along the 2018 Olympics hosted in South Korea. However, Fort Collins will usher you a sneak peak this very month. Sure, we all know the big winter sports, but what about the more obscure ones which have been able to sustain their place on ice through the years? To what do I infer? Bonspiel! Pronounced “bon speel” and also known as “curling,” this sport is much like our version of shuffle board, except on steroids in the arctic. Originating in Scotland and very popular in Canada, this is a spectator sport for those who appreciate precision in its finest. From September 8-10, the first ever bonspiel tournament in town will be hosted at EPIC, aka Edora Pool Ice Center. 20 teams will compete for the win. Curlers may register online individually or as a team and spectators are welcome! For more information, visit fcgov.com/recreation.