Does it seem like things should be working better and your life is not where you want it to be? Fact: Eight weeks of mindfulness changes the structure of the brain. Do you find it hard to finish your work and focus on the task at hand? Do you need to improve your productivity? Fact: long-term meditation leads to increased brain function and information processing.

Todd Cornell is a fourth generation Fort Collins resident and Mindfulness Coach who has learned a powerful practice based on ancient modalities with a track record of transformation, and he’s ready to share it with you. He lived in Asia for over 20 years where he studied Buddhism, Daoism and other traditional Asian philosophies and ways of life. He speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and combines the I-Ching, Chinese version, with mindfulness practice in his own life and the lives of others to help improve understanding and individual journeys.

By applying his simple but powerful daily practice, without meds or supplements, you may experience dramatic results including less pain, less stress, less anxiety, more happiness, a sense of contentment, improved relationships, positive anger management, increased self-esteem, better sleep, addiction relief, and improved overall well-being. The progression of the program is managed and you will learn a different technique to practice and apply each week. By the end of the program, you will have learned and applied practices that, with proper application, may bring continued relief from stress. Call or email now and experience transformation! 970-215-9899,