Three time Grammy-nominated band, Highly Suspect, will be playing at the Mishawaka on Saturday, September 30. Making up the trio is Johnny Stevens (guitar/vocals) and fraternal twin brothers Rich (bass/vocals) and Ryan Meyer (drums/vocals) who are more confident than ever to take their fall American tour to another level. “It’s a family of positivity that we’re really trying to build,” said Stevens. “Our whole purpose is not just about being some famous fuckin’ band, but kind of making a movement. Making a difference for our generation who are so constantly misled. We barely made it out of the wrong mentality. We want to help. We’re no fuckin’ hippies, those days are gone. The irony is that now you have to ‘fight’ for positivity. Which is crazy but so be it. We’re strapped and ready to defend free thinking. When you come to our shows, it’s kind of like this family affair.” To see Highly Suspect and DJ Redbees at Mishawaka, visit: highlysuspect.net.

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