A Chimaera is a lion, goat and snake, in the Greek definition. According to his wife and co-owner Julie, Chris Williams, producer, engineer, and co-owner of Chimaera Sound Studios, thought the name was clever as it represents “multiple entities coming together to be One, as it is with a band.” Chimaera, jawbreaker or not, is under the parent company, Shattered Sky Music Group, which Chris describes as, “an anti-label. We do all the traditional services, including artist development, coaching, mentoring, digital media and branding, but we don’t take royalties. All the services we provide, like arranging and writing, doing mixes and masters, and what we do in the studio, artists can finance that and pay for it over time. We even do trade.”

Chris came to engineering as a result of performing and recording music – as a band member, solo artist, and a studio musician, and understands what it takes for bands to unify. He has been a producer since 1992 and brings a vast array of styles and influences to each project. Chris has a mission to give the same opportunities to all new artists no matter their genre, “from punk to Elvis.” In addition to musical production, Chris also assists artists with managing the full project (recording, production, art, photography, video, social presence, etc.).

Chimaera is partnering with Scene Magazine to offer a day of recording for our Fresh Talent Showcase Winner, announced at the event on December 10. Check out who they are currently working with, their studio equipment and layout, and more online at Find out more about Shattered Sky here: