There is no There – Marcos Martinez

By: Nate Day

In his self-released soft-rock album, Marcos Martinez channels his inner Paul Simon and John Lennon with less oomph and excitement than his historical predecessors. While it’s clear that Martinez is a great guitarist and a more-than-decent lyricist, his vocals are fairly boring and the songs often lack the head-banging quality that Martinez and his team are shooting for. On the other hand, Martinez is able to perform several indie-rock songs that truly sound like a homegrown act without losing himself in production. The album also shows decent range shifting from softer songs like “Just You” into harder, faster tunes such as “Derratado,” and even delving into some Beatles-inspired psychedelic rock on the track “Open Doors” (also the song featuring the best display of vocals). Like many small acts, Martinez suffers from many of his songs sounding very similar, but perhaps rather than commenting on his lack of ingenuity, that phenomenon caters toward his consistency and his dedication to his own version of art. Stand out tracks include “Open Doors,” “Derrotado,” “Angels and Fiends,” and “Bird in Blue.” If you’re looking for an album that sounds a great deal like an acoustic Tom Petty record, Marcos Martinez has you covered.

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