ALBUM REVIEW: Attack on Venus EP XO

By: Kelly Suda

Attack on Venus’ new EP XO gives their label of alternative a whole new flow. Throughout the EP, their sound evolves by embracing their alternative roots with the introduction of grunge, psych rock, garage rock, and metal influences. Listening to “Album Youth” resembles “Longview” of 90s Green Day with a bass line you can catch yourself effortlessly bobbing your head to. XO manifests the classic alternative sound that gets expanded upon during vast instrumental experimentation most notably exemplified by the trippy guitar distortion at the end of their songs. Although they are playing heavier sounds, their lyrics are quite contrary as they speak upon inner conflicts that we all face and can relate to. “Rockets” signifies the essence of being true to yourself regardless of what others think, letting your rocket light the sky! This being a subtle reminder to let your freak flag fly, which is the epitome of Fort Collins culture, from a hometown band that has now been active for over a decade. Spiraling off of the progressive metal scene in Fort Collins, Attack On Venus has also included a metal song of their own, featured as the last song of their EP called “Radiation.” The song gave off the Asking Alexandria vibe without the harsh death metal vocals, which made for a pleasant surprise while still being intact with the alternative style that they so proudly represent. If you’re left wondering what 90s alternative would sound like in 2017, XO is the answer.


Head to Downtown Artery Thursday, Sept. 28 to be part of the Attack on Venus EP release party. For tickets, visit,

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