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Mos Eisley’s Carnivale Coming to Downtown Artery

6Degrees Collaborative, Fractal Tribe Fort Collins, Front Range Classical Ballet Academy, and Scintillating Fire Circus are partnering together to bring a transgalactic circus performance that will be followed by carnival activities at Downtown Artery on Nov. 18. The Mos Eisley’s Carnivale will bring together circus, fire, acrobatics, dance, carnival games, live music, and a silent auction for a night of fun. Music performances will include a visit from The Cupcake Cabaret. There will be drawings, […]

The Gasoline Lollipops—Aggie Theatre—October 27, 2017

At the Aggie Theater Saturday, The Gasoline Lollipops offered a sonic rendering of the contrast their name suggests. The six-piece band, consisting of a drummer, a standup bassist, an electric guitarist, a female vocalist and a male vocalist who plays an acoustic guitar, vacillated between melancholy soundscapes anchored by the bass-fiddle combination and floor-stomping, dance-inducing passages that might be classified as bluegrass if not for the distorted guitar and the […]

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Online Musical Matchmaking

Photo by: Tomas Herrera ItyDity.com is the premier music production network and marketplace. On ItyDity, artists can hold contests to find producers and session musicians who can help elevate their demos and EP’s to the next level. A singer-songwriter herself, ItyDity’s founder, and co-worker at The Music District in Fort Collins, Emily Satterlee aims to make it easier for artists to find collaborators who understand their musical vision and to […]


SWITCHMAN SLEEPIN’ Switchman Sleepin’, the Fort Collins’ based band since 2012, will be leading the Halloween party at Swing Station on Oct. 28. The FoCo band describes themselves as a party, nothing too fancy or flashy, but one that always gets people up and dancing. Be sure to catch them as the seven musicians gather to bring their love for the Grateful Dead to the stage.

Toakesz: Tadpole Oakes Zamora Lifts His Heart up to the Sun!

By: Kelly Suda   Tyson Oakes Zamora, known as Toakesz, is a one-man band from Loveland that carries the heart of psyche rock vibes from San Diego. The album Tadpole Oakes Zamora Lifts His Heart up to the Sun! is representative of his free spirit that spreads the seeds of his real life experiences into a kaleidoscope of colorful soundscapes. The song “Belly Button Sun” is reflective of the unique […]

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Rock ‘N’ Write at the Book Fest

In photo: Kim Gordon The Fort Collins Book Festival is coming in hot for their October 21 event themed “Writing and Riffs.” By reflecting the community’s interest and passion in music and creative arts, this year’s theme will delve into music harder than ever before with a featured lineup consisting of a handful of music industry insiders and award-winning authors. All featured authors will participate in various presentations, readings, and […]

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An Evening of Pure Rock N’ Roll

Maxwell Mud loves throwing a rockin’ dance party. From the rooftop of Mainline to the Old Town Square, the Foothills Mall, and the Front Range Village, this trio of talented gentlemen brings the boogie session to any venue. With Led Zeppelin covers that bring you back to the ‘70s and original songs that remind you of days gone by with a modern twist and a whole lot of soul, this […]

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The Lyric Reborn!

Calling all cinemagoers – The Lyric’s grand opening is finally here! At 6 p.m. on October 26, staff and friends of The Lyric will parade through Old Town Square with a marching band to the front doors of their new building for a night of high energy and fresh beginnings. Upon arrival, expect live bands in Area 52, a DJ spinning tunes in Space, and live video art in The […]

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“The New One” May be the Best One

If you loved Mike Birbiglia’s stand-up in “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” or “Thank God for Jokes,” his latest show, “The New One,” promises to be even better. The topics haven’t been revealed, but Birbiglia thinks the best audience experiences come about when the fans don’t have a clue what’s coming. Known for his self-deprecating humor and silly stories about everyday encounters, Birbiglia is a firm believer that the only way to […]

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Soul Searching?

If you’re seeking some live soul or rhythm and blues in NoCo, The Lincoln Center promises to deliver a historical night of just that on October 26 with Take Me to the River Live. Based on the award-winning documentary film and record of the same name, Take Me to the River is a live performance experience that features a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Grammy award-winning R&B and soul legends William […]