Dance Like No One is Watching

Ecstatic Dance is not only growing rapidly across the United States but the globe too. Not to be confused for a theme at a nightclub or some sort of rave, Ecstatic Dance is a sacred space for a conscious freeform dance every Thursday evening at Club Tico. With inspiration ranging from live DJ music, the communion of a community, and the harmony of a collective field, Ecstatic Dance serves hundreds of people as a healing, therapeutic, and transformational experience.

As an outlet that allows people to return to an ancient way of being through the art of music and dance, Ecstatic Dance allows for creativity to break out, spirits to activate, beauty to flow, and hope to occur. Not only are participants discovering something greater than themselves, but they are connecting with others through this national movement.

Guidelines are simple but crucial to follow: no recording, no phones, no talking, no drugs or alcohol, and no shoes. Tickets are $15 with a minimum age of 14 to participate. The dance runs from 8:30-10:30 p.m. For more information about Ecstatic Dance, visit

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