October’s Cannabis Corner

Cannabis Event Du Jour – Yes, Please!

The Hemp & Seed Dinner hosted among the green hemp plants at Blue Circle Research Farm under the beautiful sunset in Milliken, CO, by Mason Jar Event Group, Organic Alternatives, Organa Brands (aka o.penVAPE), Blue Circle Development, and BDS Analytics, was the classiest, not to mention fun, affair full of delectable food and intelligent cannabis smokers I have ever attended (in public). Maka Kalai, Director of Sales and Marketing at Organic Alternatives spoke and said, “It’s great to be able to do this in a beautiful setting, and not behind a building,” where all of us used to toke. With representatives from marQaha, the tasty tincture and THC/CBD beverage maker, terpene technologists Extract Consultants, Hempsley, whose mission is to help patients in prohibition states learn about and gain access to products that can help, and a film crew representing the Today Show, the high in the room was not just from the cannabis, but from the great company. A goody bag from Organic Alternatives kept everyone talking. It included a specialty, craft oil o.penVAPE cartridge, flower, and wax of Organa Brand & OA’s collaborative strain, Clementine Kush that paired with the Wagyu tri-tip beef perfectly, and complemented the spiciness of the radish in the smoked trout lettuce wraps. From dinner to dessert, drinks to doobies, this was a night to (mostly) remember! Sign up for the newsletter at masonjareventgroup.com to receive information about these events so you too can indulge in style.


Tommy Chong’s Choice Cannabis

Tommy Chong, of Cheech & Chong fame, is a stoner for life and now has his very own brand of the sticky icky. Grown by Verde Natural, Chong’s Choice is his brand of cannabis that has rolled its way into the Denver market and, if I don’t say so myself, it is a-smokin’! Tommy has established and maintained his voice since the pro-cannabis movement he began in the ‘70s. He encourages the medicinal use of this natural plant as he is aware of the creative ideas it is capable of bringing into the lives of artists. Let’s face it, in his words, “[Without cannabis], we wouldn’t have had the Beatles.”

His brand features an array of quality products from flower itself to merchandise and apparel and can be found in about eight Denver dispensaries. So soak up that toke, all you chill folk. It goes down smooth and delicious, and will leave you chill yet ambitious. Take advice from the Chong himself, “Come on, light it up, man.” Check out the store locator to find your nearest retailer for Chong’s Choice here: chongschoice.com/products/colorado.

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