The Brothers Comatose: Unconventional is Key

By: Jennifer Ortega

Earlier this October, The Brothers Comatose surprised fans and dropped a new single, “Cedarwood Pines,” less than a month later after their single, “Don’t Make Me Get up and Go.” As the first two in a long line of songs to be released, The Brothers Comatose are approaching their next album in an unconventional yet creative method by releasing one track at a time.

“We’re just kind of trying to disrupt the whole, normal album cycle and go back to what it’s all about —  songs. Just one at a time,” Ben Morrison, vocalist and guitarist, states.

Based out of San Francisco, CA, The Brothers Comatose features brothers Ben and Alex (banjo, vocals) Morrison, Phillip Brezina (violin), Gio Benedetti (bass, vocals), and mandolinist Ryan Avellone. Despite all being in their own individual rock bands before The Brothers Comatose, Ben and Alex formed the bluegrass and folk-influenced band as the answer to their struggles associated with the extensive gear and necessities used in rock bands. It also made the most sense because during their spare time, the band found themselves playing more acoustic music than anything.

“We’re bluesgrass-ish. Rowdy Roots music is what we like to call it, too,” Ben Morrison explains.

The Brothers Comatose are performing across the country in more than 30 cities with Mipso and The Lil Smokies on the tour Campfire Caravan. However, following The Brothers Comatose’s unique approach to music, there is no specific headliner for the tour. With the agreement that all three bands will rotate in the lineup, no show will ever be the same.

The Campfire Caravan tour will stop in Colorado for three shows, one in Colorado Springs (Ivywild), Denver (Ogden Theatre), and Fort Collins (Aggie Theatre). Spontaneous collaborations and jam sessions are expected leading to  a night that certainly won’t be ever replicated at the next 20+ shows.

“It’s less about ‘oh, here’s me! Here’s my band! Check me out!’ It’s more about including these people you really like and enjoy playing music with,” Ben Morrison ads. “It’s about presenting a show as a whole rather than just as an individual band.”

By working with their manager to come up with and execute the idea, the Campfire Caravan tour is by far their most concentrated tour for The Brothers Comatose. They wanted to go out on tour with bands from different parts of the country and really maximize the entire concept with groups they genuinely liked.

“It brings a sense of camaraderie and family back to music,” Ben Morrison says. “We’re doing super jams at the end of the night where everybody gets up and plays and it’s a different song every night.”


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