Toakesz: Tadpole Oakes Zamora Lifts His Heart up to the Sun!

By: Kelly Suda


Tyson Oakes Zamora, known as Toakesz, is a one-man band from Loveland that carries the heart of psyche rock vibes from San Diego. The album Tadpole Oakes Zamora Lifts His Heart up to the Sun! is representative of his free spirit that spreads the seeds of his real life experiences into a kaleidoscope of colorful soundscapes. The song “Belly Button Sun” is reflective of the unique cover art, speaking of him being a jellyfish, soaking in the sun and its love, perhaps indicating a message of seeking enlightenment by becoming one with the sun as a being of light! The lyrics are super fun with far-out concepts that mirror the avant-garde noises that can leave you feeling out of this world and wanting to sing along to the plethora of catchy choruses throughout the album. Although the lyrics and melodies of the songs themselves are fruitful, he leaves bits of his reality within them. For example in “Floor Ride” he sings of the day they took his mother and father away over a groovy beat that still allows the listener to feel uplifted, while simultaneously adding a hint of realism into the music. Most of the sounds he creates are composed from a computer, but he still manages to slide in real instruments, giving it a cool fusion of techno and classic sounds. This is depicted in “Silence Ring” with a beautiful guitar riff in the midst of otherworldly melodies playing out alongside of it. The last song on the album, “Winding Away/Brookes” sends home the message of the peace that Toakesz finds in nature. He does this by including the distorted sounds of bird calls and ripples of water that takes the listener back to a time of nostalgia, of being enveloped in the presence of nature’s beauty. This album is notable because it is visible that Toakesz created this album as a real piece of art for himself and isn’t putting on the façade of making music for other people’s satisfaction. If you enjoy sounds that are out of this Earth yet instill the realizations of your grounded place in it, listening to Tadpole Oakes Zamora Lifts His Heart up to the Sun! might be the remedy for you.

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