Ascent Studio’s Loyal Athletes & Special Guests Chalk Up for First Ever Hometown Heroes Annual Competition

Alex (Pooch) Puccio at Hometown Heroes

Ascent studio has reconfigured and amplified Fort Collins’ indoor climbing chops since its opening in November of last year. The gym’s all-star route setters and passionate team of employees have worked tirelessly to make it Northern Colorado’s premier indoor climbing facility in a remarkably brief time span.

Alex (Pooch) Puccio at Hometown Heroes

Evidence of the facilities standing is no more apparent than its turn out at last weekend’s bouldering tournament, Hometown Heroes. American bouldering’s biggest names, from Daniel Woods to Alex (Pooch) Puccio, were to be seen scaling Ascent’s technicolor slopes in chase of the $10,000 total prize on the line, and the chance to compete alongside the nation’s best climbers.

“I absolutely love the competition,” responded Puccio, when asked what drew her to the competition. “…and the prize money is hard to ignore.” 

It was clear from her fervent expression and body language, under ten minutes before the Open (highly advanced) competition began, that she was raring to hit the wall with everything she had. Before the competition, she could be seen meditatively scoring out the routes, picking apart problem sectors and composing a game plan. Alex Puccio is known for the tactical approach and humble nature she brings to competitions worldwide.

Apart from the high class of Open level athletes, there was no denying the event’s inclusion of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds of athletes. Highly versed climbers in their mid-twenties were being shown up by boys and girls in their pre-teens, and men and women of their sixties alike. There is so little telling of an athlete’s ability by body type alone in this sport – you just have to wait till they hit the same route.

At the end of the day, the smiles were ear to ear, as was the sweat and heavily smeared climber’s chalk. Alex Puccio and Matt Fultz won the top prize of two thousand dollars each, leaving the rest of the purse to break down between second and third places. There was no doubt that Ascent Studio knows how to draw in a crowd -elevated DJ, celebrated professionals, and dedicated employees. For more information on the competition, results will be posted on the Ascent’s website.



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