The Burroughs Soulful Strut

Sitting in the listening room at The Music District, Johnny Burroughs, lead singer of Greeley’s nine-piece soul band The Burroughs, is talking about the upcoming release of their first studio album. “The new album is our coming-of-age statement,” Burroughs says. “It’s about falling in love, tumultuous emotions, and how you can choose your identity and find peace inside frustrations.” The record, entitled Got To Feel, was recorded at Mighty Fine Productions in Denver, Colorado with producer and engineer Colin Bricker.

Over four years, The Burroughs built a loyal following with their exciting and dynamic live performances. Johnny Burroughs, who is a licensed minister at Fusion Ministries in Greeley, displays spectacular stage moves, including full-splits and costume changes, causing comparisons to James Brown. The Burroughs’ music, full of constant changes in key and tempo, plus the four-piece horn section’s synchronized struttin,’ keeps audiences riveted.

The Burroughs’ excitement for the album is palpable. “The identity of the band has finally come into focus,” he says. “Creating this album, we’ve discovered who we are and locked in our sound.”

Burroughs played tracks from the new album, including the organized bombast of the first single “Touch the Sky,” the aspirational chords of “Seismic Symphony,” and “Kiss You,” which might have come off a James Brown set. Burroughs’ voice, over the band’s grooves, combines tenor, contralto, and falsetto, suggesting Smoky Robinson and Sam Cooke.

Got To Feel is set to be released January 9, 2018. Upcoming shows this month are November 17 at New Belgium and November 17 at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox in Denver. For more information, visit

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