Ray Harvey’s Ravishing New Writings

Former Ace Gillett’s bartender Ray Harvey has written two pieces in two months: a non-fiction book titled “101 Things to do Instead of College,” and a novella that titillates with its realistic beauty, plausible sensuality, and provocative characters: “The Woman Who Made A Pact With The Devil.”

The point, he says, in writing “101 Things to do Instead of College” was not to condemn college categorically, for condemnation sake, but rather to counter the rather reckless notion that one MUST go to college in order to have a complete or successful life.

“That idea,” he says, “is not only incorrect: it’s dangerous.”


“Only the truly passionate maintain for a lifetime the beautiful vision of their youth and go on to give it form. The means by which we give that vision form is our work. No matter what any given person may become, no matter how good, bad, ugly, or great, in the springtime of life, each person at one time believes that her existence is important, and that big wonderful things await. Each and every single human being has the potential to retain that vision, and each and every single human being should retain that vision, because it’s the correct vision. College, I submit, can do irreversible damage to it.”

“The Woman Who Made A Pact With The Devil” is a love story … with a devilish twist: a philosophical inquiry into the nature of the human body and brain — how the flesh and the spirit are not at war but just the opposite — and though, contrary to popular belief, Ray Harvey is not the devil, any more than his book is a satanic story, it’s nevertheless perfect for Halloween.   

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