Team Building Dynamics: Turning Good Into Great

By focusing on working with entrepreneurs as they build a business that they love into one profitable enough to support their dreams, Teena Barnett has taken her experience and knowledge to help people through crisis by using resourcefulness, creativity, courage, powerful intuition, and problem-solving skills. After spending over 20 years with small businesses, Teena has discovered her passion in entrepreneurs and the business world by starting her own consulting agency, Team Building Dynamics, to turn good businesses into great businesses.

“There is not a cookie cutter approach to business building. Implementing the fundamentals in a way that’s specific to your business, your goals, and your vision for your business is the key to your success,” Barnett says.

Barnett truly enjoys watching others become successful. Team Building Dynamics specializes in employee engagement, customer service, culture development and management, sales training, and more. From working tirelessly to build a business and becoming overwhelmed by loneliness and isolation, Barnett is confident in her ability to consult and combat major issues for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. For more information on Team Building Dynamics, visit

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