Traveling Into an Other Dimension


In photo: Mr. Crumbs

Local live painter Stephen Hernlund, better known as Mr. Crumbs, is a friendly face in the Fort Collins music community. He has been living in Fort Collins for six years and started live painting in the music scene three years ago. He has quickly built up a rapport for himself in the community through the fusion of music and art in the creation of his otherworldly paintings. His paintings are even more notable than his mastery of live performance. Witnessing his art allows the viewer to step out of planet Earth and into the dimension of Mr. Crumbs. It’s a dimension full of extraterrestrials, fluorescent colors, sacred patterns, and mind-blowing finite detail guaranteeing the experience of being absorbed in a whirlwind of imagination.

Mr. Crumbs gets his inspiration through spiritual means while he is asleep.  He says that he “mostly has dreams but sometimes the dreams evolve with the paintings.” This includes him dreaming for days about the same piece until it is finished. Mr. Crumbs is admirable because he never went to school for painting, but rather followed his heart in self-expression leading to his passionate devotion to his art. He makes a living from his paintings and puts his mind, body, and soul into the production of every piece. Mr. Crumbs uses his actual dreams to create his reality of a living dream. Do not be a stranger to Mr. Crumbs when he’s painting at a local show, wearing clothes as colorful as his paintings! He has a mural hanging on the wall at 1501 RestauBar, and he paints at Hodi’s Half Note every Tuesday. He will be at Sonic Blossom at the Aggie on the third of this month.

Facebook: ArtworkbyMr.Crumb

Instagram: allthecrumbs



Upcoming Shows:

Nov 3 – Sonic Blossom @Aggie

Nov 9 – Kll Smth @Hodi’s

Nov 10 – Spafford @Aggie

Nov 11 – Mark Farina @Aggie

Nov 12 – Earphorik @Hodi’s

Nov 16 – SoDown @Hodi’s

Nov 18 – Grieves @Hodi’s

Nov 25 – Cycles @Aggie

Nov 29 – Matisyahu @Aggie

Nov 30 – Dopapod @Aggie

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