Game Nights at Breweries

Come out and take advantage of all the fun events and activities the breweries, distilleries and other businesses have to offer. Fort Collins has something exciting happening every night of the week! Breweries in Fort Collins are like coffee shops in many other areas of the country. It’s like a shared living room, a place to go for a beverage; but also, a place to hang out and meet friends. 

Bingo at the breweries.  Photo by Jill Brooke
Bingo at the breweries. Photo by Jill Brooke


Here’s a review of three of the many Bingo nights and what makes them fun:

Coppermuse Distillery: They offer Tasty bites and delicious drinks. Bingo nights attract a boisterous crowd with witty prizes and complicated board configurations (make a “T” isn’t hard but some of the shapes were difficult).  The cocktails are tasty but on the pricey side.

Maxline Brewering:

A hugely popular weekly event especially on warm evenings. There are a food truck, good beer, and a very companionable atmosphere. The whole table wins a tasting round on the last bingo which adds to the fun of rooting for your neighbor. Excellent prizes and a fun friendly crowd but with so many folks playing, your odds of winning go down.

New Belgium Brewery

Award for the best Bingo caller in town. He wears a card shark green plastic visor, he dances and riffs but keeps the action moving. The prizes aren’t significant (a round of beers, a special bottle of beer) but it isn’t too big of a crowd. 80’s music kept the players dancing in their seats, and it’s a quick hour of fun with a food truck to keep you happy and not too tipsy for the ride or drive home.

Breweries, they’re not just for drinking…


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