Motion is Lotion

Does your dog move slower or seem a little off? Did they stop playing with their favorite toy or are they unable to go on walks? You may be frustrated as a dog owner when your pup is sad, depressed, or going crazy from lack of activity due to disease, weakness, or injury.

Fitness training sessions provide a safe, trusting, and fun environment to explore ways to improve your dog’s performance with their favorite toy or activity. Daily exercises will build improved strength, body awareness, and mental alertness.

Jennifer Holmes, the owner of K9 Fitness Works, has learned that exercise, stretching, and nutrition build a foundation for a healthy dog through her work the last five years as a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner. She helped dogs recover from knee, spine, and nerve injuries to play ball again. She uses her own health lessons from chronic infection with West Nile Virus to relate to their injuries and treatments. Jennifer’s motto is, “Motion is Lotion!” She says, “Your canine companion is as important to me as they are to you. My spirit and passion is connected to helping animals have a pain free, balanced, and quality life with you.”

She observes your dog’s individual personalities and behaviors using her knowledge, based on her ten years of experience working as a Certified Veterinary Technician, to educate you on conditioning, nutrition, and a plan that adjusts to your lifestyle. As your dog’s personal trainer she has a trusting playful spirit, which has been cultivated over 40 years of working with animals, to connect with them. Together she can help you and your dog reach health goals for a happier long life for years to come.

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