#FoCo4PuertoRico presents – Benefit for Puerto Rico and other Charities

Performers at #FoCo4PuertoRico charity event

Photos by Dan Peacock

It was a night of palpable passion and ferocious generosity. #FoCo4PuertoRico’s five-featured performers and (not so) silent auction certainly put donors in the mood for magnanimity, raising over FOUR THOUSAND dollars for Unidos for Puerto Rico and other various charities. Event organizers Soraya Rozkuszka and Greg Tempalski put on the event in response to Greg’s creation of the hashtag in heed of news following devastating hurricane Maria.

Undercover Bears

Based on the chatter surrounding the event’s impressive turnout, attendees were driven by a mixture of passion for our commonwealth brothers without food and means, and love of the local musicians donating their craft. The musical portion of event opened with the new blood of Undercover Bear – a homegrown talent out of Fort Collins and Windsor Colorado. The guys made a statement with a wicked two-part harmony, two guitarists with pronounced polyphony and unique skills, and a ripper on the drums.

Popular local Rage Against the Machine tribute band, Guerilla Radio crushed the band’s most iconic songs and revved up the crowd to a radical tone of change. Lead vocalist James Berlarde was excited to sit down for a conversation about what the night meant to him.

            “It’s getting the word out there, man. If these people know what’s going on, they’re going to want to give more. They’re going to do more. We’re all going to do more.”

Alysia Craft of Patti Fiasco

            The headliners of the event were the renowned and vehement Patti Fiasco – a band pared with the ham of Bon Jovi over a palette of Greensky Bluegrass. Lead singer Alysia Kraft flooded the stage with her years of showbiz experience, taking an already pumped crowd to another level. Hardly a soul left the night without the passion instilled by the kind of rock that could only be given, not bought.

            “It’s sometimes easier to sit back and just watch the news and not care… passion and empathy are what should make us tick… “

Greg Tempalski, the founder of the event, shares his projection of what inspiration he would see the show elicit in its attendees. And man, did he succeed. The most flooring aspect of this fundraiser was how everyone involved – musicians, organizers, and bidders alike had something to say about what was going on in Puerto Rico as the show came to close. Whether it be a political charge on Whitefish or a blanketing statement of kindness, there is no doubt that the event reached its goal of effective and empathetic inspiration.









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