Hemp growing history has been made

The following press release from New West Genetics has been shared in its entirety:

New West Genetics announces that their variety, NWG-ELITE™ has passed the THC hemp trials managed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, as well as qualified as AOSCA certified seed. (For more on certified seed and AOSCA, see: https://www.aosca.org/). NWG-ELITE™ is the first and only domestic hemp variety to pass a Department of Agriculture hemp trial in any state, as well as to gain certified seed status.

“We’re excited to add NWG–ELITE™ to our line of products for the US hemp grower,” said Wendy Mosher, CEO for New West Genetics. “The adherence to AOSCA standards gives farmers more assurance that our seed will perform as claimed; with an excellent germination rate, uniformity, and genetic purity. This is in addition to the CDA validation of a stable, federally compliant THC level, results in a de-risked product that is mechanically harvested with ease and has high yield–all critical components to achieving a productive and predictable supply. Another benefit specifically for CO growers is that NWG-ELITE™ is at a lower risk of THC testing from the Colorado Department of Agriculture as it has already demonstrated in their experiments to have low and stable THC content across geographically diverse environments. The use of certified, domestically bred hemp seed enables the US hemp industry to compete and succeed.”

NWG-ELITE™ represents a family of varieties bred specifically for high-yield grain production in the US. Results verified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture demonstrate that NWG-ELITE™ has a consistently low and stable THC level, below 0.3% as required by Federal law. From that family of grain varieties, RELY™, (also certified) is available for 2018 production. NWG-ELITE™ will be available November 2018.

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