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“Stimga Stains” Art Exhibit Extended at Lincoln Center

Colorful and approachable, the art of local artist Jennifer Ivanovic draws the eye initially. The compelling use of metaphor and symbolism to describe the stigmas surrounding mental health turn the heart and mind to follow. Each art piece in this must- see collection tells the story of a personal battle with mental illness. Honest and raw, Ivanovic’s paintings are a new addition to the conversation surrounding this facet of the […]


A Man Who Stands By His Brownies

Fort Collins Maka Kala’i, Pot Retailer and Director of Sales and Marketing for Organic Alternatives Dispensary, recently appeared in the NPR broadcast, “How Much Pot is in That Brownie? Wyoming Moves to Toughen Edible Marijuana Laws.” Kala’i, a staunch advocate of the decriminalization of cannabis, thinks Wyoming legislators who are debating two bills on regulating edible cannabis should pause to consider the ramifications of tougher laws involving the approximate amount of […]


Local Fort Collins Artist J. Novak

J. Novak, has been making art his whole life, from drawings as a kid, photography in high school, to graphic design when he attended Colorado State University. Though his art has changed throughout the years, Novak’s recent projects have taken him back to basics, pen and paper. He said going back to this medium helped him to embrace the handmade feeling of art again. Novak’s art career started when he […]


Adam Baerd’s 100 Riffs, Places, and Days

Adam Baerd, the current guitarist in the band Alpine Falcons embarked on a musical journey starting in November, 2017. While playing with his current band, Baerd started on a new project; one new riff, everyday, in a new place. He started in his house on November 2nd, 2017 against a wall in his house producing the first of 100 original riffs. “I wanted to find a way to start getting […]

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A Guide to Front Range Music Venues – Hodi’s Half Note

As we continue to dive into the venues across the front range, we find ourselves back in Old Town at a quaint little spot that packs quite the punch – Hodi’s Half Note. If you’re a fan of tight knit, intimate concerts, Hodi’s is right up your alley. With no barrier separating the stage from the crowd, you’re able to get less than a foot away from your favorite performers. […]


Eden Releases Premiere Album “Vertigo”

Eden aka Jonathan Ng has been known in the music scene since 2015 starting with a small following and releasing his early music online with “End Credits” . His first EP “i think you think too much of me” featuring songs like “sex” and “drugs” were highly praised and earned Eden an even bigger following within the alternative community. With his following, Eden released “Vertigo” in January 19th of 2018, […]

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Album Review: Secrets’ Self-Titled LP

Despite what its name may suggest, the new self-titled album from San Diego post-hardcore quartet Secrets—which currently consists of vocalist/rhythm guitarist/keyboardist/pianist Richard Rogers, lead guitarist Michael Sherman, screamer Wade Walters and bassist Connor Branigan—is not a quiet thing. Whatever secrets the record contains are not whispered in hushed tones. Rather, they bleed forth in angsty vocals, heavy chords, and machine-gun drum parts. But the hardcore elements of the record do […]

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Turnstile Announces Headlining Tour Along with New Album

Calling all stage divers. Baltimore hardcore punk band, Turnstile, has announced a tour that will begin in April and run through May. Joining them on the Time and Space Tour are bands Touche Amore, Culture Abuse, and Razor Bumps. This news comes on the heels of the announcement of their 3rd full length album, Time and Space – set to be released on February 23rd. They’ve already put out four singles […]

Sam Mouton singing as pink, green, and blue light shines down on him with Wilson Slaughter (left) and Forrester Tamkun (right) in the shadows.
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Write Minded Electrify the Aggie after the Opening Acts Rock Out with the Crowd

Write Minded is one of those bands that is a joy to see live, and as were the bands that started out the night: The Great Salmon Famine and Project 432. The scene for the rambunctious bands was the sticky-floored Aggie Theatre. The night got off to a uniquely entertaining start with The Great Salmon Famine making sure the crowd had a superb dance and laugh. Project 432 followed and proceeded to […]

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Fort Collins Community Shows up in Force at City Planning Meeting

February 12, 2018, the city of Fort Collins began a new chapter by overhauling its old City Plan with a new resident-influenced proposal focusing on arts and diversity. The kickoff for the new Fort Collins City Plan, put together by the office of the City Planners and Foco Creates, was open to the public. Speakers like Mayor Wade Troxell and City Manager Darin Atteberry spoke to the involvement of Fort […]